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Cleaning DPF/FAP filters and catalysts

We clean DPF/FAP filters by means of “FLASH CLEANER” machine.

This machine is a PREMIUM class solution for cleaning all the types of diesel particulate filters (DPF) and catalysts.

We clean filters which during operation were spilled with oil and which were operated in vehicles with a damaged turbocharger.

We do not use chemicals dangerous to the environment.

We do not cut through and we do not weld filters – we do not interfere mechanically with the filter insert.

We do not burn filters. Our machine is ecological and pro-environmental.

A clogged DPF is a serious problem.

If the symptoms of its clogging are neglected, it may lead to vehicle immobilisation and necessity of replacing such a filter.

Unfortunately, this is a very expensive element of a car, and its price reaches several thousand PLN.

But you can benefit from our technology and our services.

Each our service is subject to a 12 months’ warranty. Every customer receives a final report confirming the professional regeneration of a filter.

You may send a filter to us by a courier or deliver it in person.

After cleaning your filter, a report is printed out which shows a filter contamination degree before and after the service.

Every cleaned filter will be sent back to you by a courier company on the same day.

We send filters on a cash on delivery basis so there is no need for paying in advance.

Wymiana olejów

Price List:

Passenger cars and LCV of max. 3.5 t.

Cleaning DPF/FAP or catalyst PLN 499 VAT incl. (net PLN 405.69)

Promotion DPF and catalyst cleaning PLN 899 VAT incl. (passenger)

FAP and catalyst cleaning PLN 899 VAT incl. (passenger)

Vehicle over 3.5 t:

Trucks, buses and tractors, agricultural machines, construction machines, etc. DPF or SCR catalysts cleaning PLN 1499 VAT incl. (net PLN 1218.70)