ASB Automatyczne skrzynie biegów.

We are a Company dealing with the complete repair of automatic transmissions.

The services provided by our Company are characterised by top quality and fast implementation time resulting in customer satisfaction.

The entire repair process is carried out at our workshop with divisions performing the repair of individual elements of automatic transmissions.

Automatyczne skrzynie biegów - sklep internetowy.
Regeneracja sprzęgieł hydrokinetycznych - konwerterów.

The regeneration of torque converters.

The division of the regeneration of hydrokinetic couplings – converters.

Each regenerated coupling is cut through, washed and inspected.

Then, friction elements and sealants are replaced and after that the coupling is welded by a special welding machine.

Each converter is verified in terms of tightness and then it is balanced.

A repair number is assigned to a ready part and it is saved in our database.

Division of controllers regeneration valve bodies

We repair hydraulic controllers and their computers.

Controllers are disassembled, washed and tested by means of Hydra Test machines.

Damaged elements are replaced and a ready controller is tested.

Regeneracja sterowników.
Wymiana olejów

Oil replacement

We perform periodical inspections consisting in the replacement of filters and oil in automatic transmissions.

We apply both a static and dynamic method.

We use original oil satisfying the standards of transmission manufacturers.