ASB DŁUGOŁĘKA - WROCŁAW has been operating in Lower Silesia for 20 years. From the beginning, our Company has specialised in automatic transmissions repairs. We employ specialists with high qualifications and long-term professional experience. We collaborate with many foreign companies within the scope of the repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions. We participate in many training courses conducted abroad concerning the scope of repairing modern automatic transmissions. We apply state-of-the-art technologies, we use professional machines and devices of top quality. We provide the following services:

Repair of automatic transmissions,

Computer diagnostics of automatic transmissions,

Diagnostics and regeneration of electric and hydraulic controllers of automatic transmissions,

Replacement of oil in transmissions; we use the best brand oil (replacement by static and dynamic method),

Spare parts selling.

We grant a six months’ warranty for the transmissions repaired without any mileage limit.

Our Company guarantees top quality services and professional and quick performance of repairs.

Cleaning DPF/FAP filters and catalysts.